1. Do the shipping charges vary from country to country?

Yes, for some products, they vary from country to country.

2. Is the shipping charge calculated on weight of the package?

The shipping charges are calculated on the number of products in your order. You can view the shipping cost as you added product in cart.


3. Can I track the package once you ship it from India?

Yes, you would receive an email with the Airway Bill number of the courier once it is shipped. You would be able to track it with the respective courier. 


4. What are your shipping charges for deliveries inside India?

Delivery inside India is free of cost in most cases, however if there is a change it can be verified at the shipping policy link.


5. Can you deliver to any country in the world?

Yes, we deliver to almost all countries in the world. 


6. What is the procedure to return a product, If I dont like it?

Please report the return to us within 24 hours of receiving the product. You may email us or call us and inform us the same. 


7. Can I return a salwar kameez or a lehenga thats stitched to my measurements?

Sorry, custom stitched products cannot be returned or exchanged. 


8. I bought a saree with blouse stitched, Can I return it or exchange it?

Returns would not be accepted for custom made / stitched clothing, including for sarees where the blouse is stitched, readymade stitched sarees or sarees stitched with custom blouse. However we would accept returns if there are any faults from our end. 


9. Will I get a full refund if I return the product?

The value of refund, varies from one case to another. It would be under the sole discretion of the operations. 


10. Are there any charges for refunds, if I return an item?

There is a admin credit card commission cost of 10 percentage of the final order value 5 percentage while accepting and 5 percentage while refunding or 10 USD depending on the order size. We will not refund the shipping charges paid by you while purchasing the item. We will not refund the customs duties or taxes, if applicable, or paid by you at time of receiving the goods. 


11. Can I pay using my Debit card?

Yes, We accept all major debit cards.


12. How do I know that you have received my payments?

You would receive an email confirmation that we have received your payments along with a order number. 


13. I have transferred money through Western Union, what do I do next?

Please email us the 10 digit MTCN number along with your temporary reference number. We would generate your order, once we receive the payments from Western Union.


14. My card is declined, What should I do?

Please recheck if you have given your card details correct. If so, please contact your banks and explain them that you are trying to purchase from an online store. Your banks might block your cards for security issues. 


15. Can I pay using 2 different cards for one order?

Its not possible to pay using 2 cards for one order. 


16. Can I pay using bank transfer? Where do I get details of your bank account?

Yes, you can pay through bank transfer. You would receive an email as soon as you choose pay by bank transfer as your option of payment. 


17. I do not have a paypal account, Can I still transfer money to your account?

No, One needs to have a paypal account to do paypal transfer.


18. What is the procedure to return a product, If I dont like it?

Please report the return to us within 24 hours of receiving the product. You may email us or call us and inform us the same. 


19. What is billing address?

The address where you receive your card statements is called billing address.


20. What is shipping address?

The address where you would like to deliver the goods is called the shipping address. Yes, you can give a different shipping address.



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